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S1700 ZE05

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  1. Metal Gun Assembly Kit #XE01KIT2

    Metal Gun Assembly Kit

    SKU: XE01KIT2

    Qty. 1 x M22/M14 Adapter Qty. 1 x Metal Gun Assembly Qty. 1 x Quick Connect Wand Qty. 4 x Colour Coded Project Spray Tips - Colour coded project tips for different spray patterns & tasks - Make cleaning easy with a single Quick-Connect Wand & accessories - Stainless steel and brass components are wear resistant & corrosion free - Replaces spray gun assembly #KC01-030-0000, MH07-030-0000, MH12-030-0000, YE01-061-0000, XE01-0002 & ZE03-090-0001 Learn More
  2. Pressure Hose #JH02-000-0003

    Pressure Hose

    SKU: JH02-000-0003

    Qty 1 x Pressure Hose - Replaces pressure hose #MH02-000-0003, YE01-000-0003, YL01-034-0000 & ZE05-090-0002
    Learn More
  3. Quick-Connect Coupling & Inlet Adapter #XE03-030-0003

    Quick-Connect Coupling & Inlet Adapter

    SKU: XE03-030-0003

    Qty 1 x Quick-Connect Coupling & Inlet Adapter - Brass coupling with rubber grip - Replaces quick-connect coupling + inlet adapter #JH01-020-0027, JH03-050-0000, KC01-020-0026, KC01-020-0027, MH07-025-0000, MH25-025-0000, YE01-050-0000, YL01-025-0000, YL02-025-0000, XE01-030-0003 & ZE01-050-0000 Learn More
  4. Gun & Wand Assembly Kit #SIMONIZKIT2

    Gun & Wand Assembly Kit


    Qty. 1 x Gun Assembly Qty. 1 x 3-in-1 Soap Wand Qty. 1 x M14-M22 Adapter - Spray gun assembly & 3-in1 soap wand - Adapter attaches replacement gun assembly to original hose - Replaces gun assembly #MH07-030-0000, YE01-061-0000, & ZE03-090-0001 Learn More
  5. Adjustable Wand #ZE01-090-0003

    Adjustable Wand

    SKU: ZE01-090-0003

    Qty 1 x Adjustable Wand
    Some manuals have the gun assembly listed as part #ZE04-090-0003. The correct adjustable wand is part #ZE01-090-0003.
    Learn More
  6. M22-M14 Adapter #AE11-000-0003

    M14-M22 Adapter

    SKU: AE11-000-0003

    Qty 1 x AE11-000-0003 - Attaches replacement gun assembly to original hose Learn More

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